Saturday, 27 September 2014

Farewell Summer!

I know Summer ended at least a month ago, but I'm still crying over the end of it :( Luckily the weather has stayed nice and hot, but it's still not the same. The days are already getting shorter and at night it is freezing, but alas, I can still picture the past summer with photos taken over it. I thought I would just post some pics of the summer and summarize what I did seeing as I didn't seem to post AT ALL during those months. It also feels like I can then truly move on *cries* 

So as you saw above, my family and I took another trip to Blackpool seeing as we loved it so much after summer 2013 :) we spent 6 days there right at the beginning so it was something I could look forward too! The weather was surprisingly good for up North.
                                                                The High Street
                                            Aha, the Blackpool Tower ballroom XD

                                                                  That donkey swag
                                                                    Right at the top
                                             Blackpool Tower Circus was awesome :D

Mother and daughter selfie at the annual Earlsfest at The Leather Bottle pub in Earlsfield London.
                                       The Lola Jones (Dad's band) up on the stage
Next up a little trip to Legoland (and yes, a 14 year old can still enjoy such things!) Rocking out them rain ponchos!
                                                        Father and daughter selfie

                                            Finally a day out in Camden/Southbank

                                I could spend a whole day watching those skateboarders :p
Sadly I didn't get to do everything I was thinking/planning on doing but I still had a fab summer

                                                      Love From The girl with the BC's x

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Is Gerard Enough?!

I feel as if I can't say sorry anymore :( it's been over two months since I last posted and I don't even have an excuse. Life happens and I guess I could say that I just keep forgetting to post. Lots has happened, I have tons of photos from my holiday to Spain and Blackpool, but for now, as my way of making you feel better I have Gerard Way (I'm not even going to tell you who Gerard is, you should know. And if you don't, your life is nothing XD)

As you can see I have a major obsession with Gerard. And Frank and Mikey and Ray and Bob. I can sense some of you don't have a clue who I'm on about. I'm talking about the late My Chemical Romance, my favourite band.
I'm sorry to y'all that have never heard of MCR and this blog post has been pointless, but to any of you who did I hope this makes up for my non existent posting.

                                                    Love From The girl with the BC's x
P.S Gerard Way's debut solo album comes out on the 30.09.2014 so excited :)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lake District!

Thought I would post a few photos from my Lake District residential trip that happened ages ago! So I went to Penrith in the Lake District with a group of people from my school for 5 days in May. We did lot's of things such as, canoeing, gorging, climbing mountains and camping :) I hadn't done most of these before, and they were all challenging but fun! I'm glad I went, and as cheesy as it may seem, I did make some new friends along the way :P Here are a few pics of the week. 

Now, listen to this shiz: 

Love From The girl with the BC's x

Friday, 11 July 2014

Strike Day!

Yesterday was a strike day (woo!) and surprise surprise, we were back in the Southbank. Sadly it was a horrible day, but as Brits we are used to that kind of weather, we soldiered on and still spent the day out in the heart of London :) Above is the strike that was being held at the The Ritzy taken from the number 3 bus :P 

Love From The girl with the BC's x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Battle Of The Blues!

Ever since the lovely Amy Gibbs dip dyed my hair purple, I have really wanted to update my hair and get her to do it again as she did it really well. The colour was fading and a couple of weeks ago Amy did it again for me. But this time I thought I would try out a different colour as I have only done red and purple. Amy has also dip dyed her hair an amazing greeny blue from an awesome American brand, Manic Panic. I thought I would buy my next hair dye from here as I want to try a new product. Manic Panic is a chain store based in New York and run by Tish and Snooky. They sell make up and beauty products and were the first punk shop in America! Their products are vegan and are tested on celebrities instead of animals (how cool is that?!) 
So... I'm not sure what kind of blue I should dye my hair. Here are the blues from Manic Panic. The pictures aren't that clear, but if you check out the website you can see the colours properly. 

First up, Voodoo Blue 
$17.30 (There is a UK base website for Manic Panic) 

After Midnight 

Bad Boy Blue

Last but not least, Shocking Blue
So far I'm thinking Bad Boy Blue. What do you think??

Love From The girl with the BC's x

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